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Children’s fashion photography that represents the essence of your brand. Lookbooks that breathe life into your collection. Meet Adrianne Miller Roberts.


 I’d love to help you realise your vision for your children’s fashion brand.

Adrianne Miller Roberts

Adrianne Miller Roberts

Children’s Fashion Photographer

I remember taking my first photo when I was about 10 years old. And while it took some time to pursue photography as a career, it was from that moment in my childhood, I knew I had found a lifelong love.

My career began in the fast paced environment of studio photography, working within tight deadlines and budget constraints to realise a vision and quickly produce results. With more than a decade's experience in commercial photography shooting product, food, lifestyle and real estate, it was the birth of my first son in 2013 that led me to combine my love of fashion photography with kids. And it’s been a perfect fit ever since.


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