Going Rogue Melbourne

Great opportunities come to those who wait, better yet, to those who are creative enough to work on the fly and make something extroadinary out of the ordinary. That is exactly happened during the recent Creative Mini Shoot held at the Rogue Lifestyle Tradeshow in Melbourne. We spent 2 days coming up with innovative ways of executing fashion photoshoots around the amazing Kensington location for the stall holders and the featured exhibitors. 

The designs were to swoon for – from flamingo’s and quirky jumpsuits to peacocks and colourful socks! Our handsome model, William, dressed in cool Tiny Cotton threads certainly made sure the crowd was in awe when even the resident pup, Daisy, joined him in our Print Emporium picture gallery! 

We were spoilt-rotten with vibrant coloured raincoats by Gosoaky and new season Bobo Choses,  stylist Holly Chan was in Cloud 9! We were presented with impressive collections from Rylee and Cru, Billy loves Audrey, Sack Me! and Native Swinson to name a few. To add to the already playful aura, Leo and Bella’s animal babies also joined in the photoshoot fun. The were just too cute to resist!

Adrianne Miller Roberts