When cheeky chickens invade your shoot!

Never a dull moment on set that's for sure!

People often ask what it's like working as a photographer and many have fancy ideas of the 70's & 80's rock star photographer. The truth is on shoot day you feel less like a rock star and more like the roady.

Long hours, heavy equipment and mental exhaustion from a furious mix of creative and technical thought processes for hours on end. 
However, when you get the opportunity to work on shoots similar to this one for Acorn Kids AW18 Collection outdoors in the fresh Victorian bushland, it doesn't get much better.

A wonderful day of beautiful soft winter light and the scent of campfire smoke lingering in the air was topped off by the delightful laughter of our little model Lily when some unexpected cheeky chickens dropped in.

It certainly beats the office and there’s nothing I would rather do. It is always such a pleasure and privilege working with these gorgeous models and of course our awesome crew!

Adrianne Miller Roberts